gvab faqs

What is Alternative Breaks?
Alternative Breaks is a student-led organization that has been a part of Grand Valley State University student life since 1991. Like our parent organization, Break Away, we strive to create a society of active citizens who make community a priority in their values and life decisions.

We coordinate week-long service trips during winter, spring, and summer break. These trips are affordable, take place across the country, and focus on different social and environmental topics. We also create education and service opportunities in our local community through Service Saturdays, Transformation Tuesdays, and other events.

Who is allowed to go on an Alternative Breaks trip?
All GVSU students!

Can I go on more than one trip per year?

What’s the alcohol policy if I’m 21?
AB requires full engagement, so we have a no alcohol policy. We have this policy because 1). You may work in communities that struggle with alcohol related issues, 2). Not everyone in your group will be 21 or comfortable with alcohol, and 3). You can’t be actively engaged in education, service or reflection while intoxicated.

Can my friends and I go on the same trip together?
No. In order to create diversity on trips, we make sure that no one in a group knows each other. This creates opportunities to work with new people and make new friends while participating in AB.

How can I find out where the trips are going?
We keep the locations of each trip a secret until our orientation day in late November! When applying, you will be able to choose the top four trip issues that interest you the most. We will do our best to place you in a trip that will be doing work that interest you.

Is AB religiously affiliated?
No. AB is not religiously affiliated and welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs.

How much does an AB trip cost? Are there scholarships or fundraising opportunities?
National trips (within 24 hours away) are $250 and regional trips (within 4 hours away) are $150. These fees cover the costs of travel, housing and meals for the week. Scholarship and fundraising opportunities are available—please ask us about them! 

Do I get to choose what trip I get to go on?
When applying, you get to choose the top 4 trip issues that you are interested in. With this information, we will try our best to place you in the trip that interests you the most! 

Who can I contact if I have specific questions?
Please feel free to contact us at ab.gv.orientation@gmail.com 

How can I keep up-to-date on all things AB?!
You can connect with us on:
Official Website
Snapchat – GV_AB


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