September Transformation Tuesday

September Transformation Tuesday: Join the conversation.

Join us for this month’s Transformation Tuesday!
September 20 | 9-10:15pm | Kirkhof 1142

Transformation Tuesdays are GVSU Alternative Breaks‘ monthly educational event series! They may involve watching a documentary, listening to guest speakers, or engaging in activities in hopes of fostering a constructive space for meaningful and reflective dialogue.

These events are open to all GVSU students, regardless of past Alternative Breaks involvement.

This month’s topic: Domestic Violence

“The fact is, [sexual violence] is utterly commonplace in all our cultures. It is part of the fabric of everyday life, yet we all act as if it’s something shocking and extraordinary whenever it hits the headlines. We remain silent, and so we condone it… Is it polite and comfortable to talk about it? No. Must we anyway? Yes.” ― Desmond Tutu.
Read on for a blog post reflecting on the alternative break experience from the Atlanta ABCs.

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